• oscar model

OSCAR COACHING MODEL POWERPOINT TEMPLATE as depicted as a circular diagram slot in the OSCAR model instructional concepts. Business and academic professionals can use the model of instruction to project the new model of instructions that entices people into the presentation subject. The instruction model aims to focus on the easiness of the learning process, which either reflects or conveys the messages with their full meaning. Though the topic is subject to the interpretations of the recipients, the aim of training models is the complete comprehension of the issue. Several methods speak about how we can coach people in the desired manner. The OSCAR model coaching is one among many. The acronym OSCAR stands for Outcome, Situation, Choices, Actions, and Review.

OSCAR MODEL ppt template is a generic PowerPoint diagram in circle design suitable for all types of presentation focusing on cyclic movements of developments. The vector circle templates have three variations in a different circular format. All these diagrams have two or more layers that are also suitable for presenting concentric developments of a phenomenon. The circle PowerPoint template also has five divisions in the main circle inserted with the Oscar concepts of instructions. Each side of the diagram has plenty of text areas that enable the user to create detailed presentations with written texts.

The editable OSCAR COACHING MODEL POWERPOINT TEMPLATE allows any changes according to your choice and preferences. We have different types of instructional PowerPoint designs which render the learning process and its implications. We have different PowerPoint of instruction designs such as GAGNE NINE EVENTS OF INSTRUCTION POWERPOINT, 4 MAT LEARNING SYSTEM POWERPOINT TEMPLATE, 70, 20, 10 APPROACH, and MERRILLS PRINCIPLES OF INSTRUCTION, etc. Download more interesting PowerPoint themes and designs from slidebazaar.com and make your presentation memorable and unique. Other popular coaching models include GROW model.