• Aida Model PowerPoint Template
  • Aida Model PowerPoint Template
  • Aida Model PowerPoint Template

AIDA Model PowerPoint Template and Keynote

AIDA model PowerPoint template is a professional template that can be used for advisement and marketing. The AIDA model template stands for, Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. It is an effective model that identifies the stages that an individual goes during the process of purchasing a product or service. This term is propounded by Elmo Lewis to display how a potential customer walking towards the desired product or service. It also used in digital marketing, sales strategies, advertising and public relations campaigns. AIDA model PowerPoint template says that awareness leads to interest, which leads to desire, and finally action. AIDA ppt template is a study tool for the sales campaigners; they can attract the people by using AIDA methodology.

Attention: it is assumed that the product or service already got the attention of the consumers; this part is overlooked by many marketers. Ensure that everyone is already aware of the product. The best approach to attracting consumer attention is breaking existing patterns of behavior through highly creative messages, which includes the uses of “Negative messages”

Interest: creating interest is most commonly the difficult part. Make sure that advertising information is broken up and easy to read, with interesting subheadings and illustrations. Here, you can use the emotional approaches to capture the interest or making interest.

Desire: if you are the success in making interest, it is important that you help customers to realize why they require this product or service. By evaluating different options a customer may show desires towards a particular product.

Action: the last step of the AIDA model PowerPoint template. The advertisement should end with a call to action that is an immediate response from the customer; desire provides a means to quickly convert the consumer.

The AIDA model PowerPoint template is created with simple techniques, four fingers of the human hand show the AIDA model. The thumps up illustration symbolize the success story of your presentation and advertisement. If a user stimulates the viewer’s to follow this method, they can meet your marketing goals easily. The users can add colors that may make the diagram more attractive and charming. Users can download more strategy PowerPoint diagrams from our gallery.