• rfm analysis for customer segmentation

RFM customer segmentation model template is a 3 section loop PowerPoint that could show market analysis concept with a special reference to the RFM customer segmentation method. RFM segmentation is a behavior-based customer breakdown that analysis three elements of a customer base. First, it groups customers based on their deal history – how recently, how often, and how much they bought. The shortening RFM stands for Recency, Frequency, and Monetary.

Recency: how long has it been since a customer bought a product/service from you. In most circumstances, the more recently a customer has interacted or transacted with a brand, the more likely that customer will be open to communications from the brand.

Frequency: How often a customer buys from you. Customers with recurrent activities are busier than customers who infrequently do so and probably trustier. And one-time-only customers are in a class of their own.

Monetary: this feature reflects how much a customer has spent with the product/service during a particular period. Great spenders should usually be treated like a king than customers who spend little. Looking at monetary divided by frequency shows the average purchase amount – an important secondary factor to consider when segmenting customers.

RFM customer segmentation PowerPoint template contains three section visual aids with three important shapes; intersecting circle PowerPoint, timeline infographic template, and pyramid ppt shape. Each of these shapes is designed in black and white backgrounds to help the user create the same concepts on different background effects. RFM Market segmentation PowerPoint template is an ideal tool to describe sales promotion and marketing methodologies. The generic nature of the template enables any presentation related to market analysis strategies and the intersection of elements and their connections in the Venn diagram shape.