• Customer Journey Map PowerPoint Presentation Template
  • Customer Journey Map PowerPoint Presentation Template with Black Background
  • Customer Journey Map PowerPoint Template
  • Customer Journey Map PowerPoint Templates

A customer journey map depicts the stages a customer goes through when they make a purchase. It represents a customer’s interaction with a company while trying to achieve a goal. Customer journey is also known as user journey, user flow, and customer touchpoints, amongst other names.

This customer journey map template for PowerPoint helps you map out the significant milestones of your customer’s journey. You can also plan out the different crucial steps, decisive steps, decisive treatment, emotional experience, obstacles, suggestions or improvements, the potential for optimization, and more.

The slide has a linear process graphic that shows the different stages of a customer’s interaction with your brand. Under it is a table where you can plan out key steps, suggestions, and more under each stage.

This template can be used for different types of presentations, such as:

- Marketing presentations

- Business proposal presentations

- Sales presentations

- Product development presentations

- Customer service presentations

- User experience presentations

This customer journey template for PowerPoint comes in light and dark themes, which can be easily modified to suit your needs. The entire slide is 100% editable; you can easily fill the table with your contents. You could be a marketer, a product manager, or a customer service representative. This template is perfect for understanding your customers and improving their experience. With this template, you can streamline your customer journey analysis, planning, and communication process and take the first step to improve your customer’s experience.

To get started with this template, download, open it using PowerPoint, and customize it. You can create the perfect customer journey map slides within minutes by just editing this pre-built PowerPoint template.