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  • Patient Journey ppt Template

The patient journey PowerPoint template is a medical presentation slide designed as a simple roadmap template. It allows the presenter to create a patient journey towards healthcare with touchpoints. This ten-step presentation in timeline design enables various presentations irrespective of the key topic. However, this is specifically made for patient journey mapping since it benefits medical professionals greatly. Patient journey maps will allow them to produce each step of their healthcare experience. Healthcare institutions and professionals can use the template to show various physical and spiritual touch points. This template resembles a customer journey map, so it could also be used to showcase customer experiences.

The patient journey map PowerPoint template is a versatile and multipurpose diagram suitable for various teaching purposes. It can effectively display sales acquisition strategies, customer journey maps, business strategy development, process mapping, project roadmaps, chronology timelines, and any other process mapping needs. In addition, the template features arrow PowerPoint shapes positioned at the top of the diagram, representing a funnel process that is ideal for sales presentations. With its flexibility and visually appealing design, this template offers a comprehensive and engaging way to present information across a wide range of subjects and industries.

The patient Journey PowerPoint template displays the various touchpoints a patient goes through in their lifetime. It provides a general idea of the patient's experience and delves into whatever phases they may confront in that journey. The medical PowerPoint template can be used to boost referrals and recommendations for businesses. This is a two-slide template on black and white background ppt. As an editable slide, the users can add infographic clipart images, logos, brands and any other attractive stickers to lure the audience's attention. For example, the users can add clipart images on touchpoints. It enables users to create start-to-end presentations using the zig-zag timeline.