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Create Consumer Decision Journey for PowerPoint presentation

The segmented circle diagram offers a clean and neat design to clarify the factors behind the consumer decision journey. So, Business managers and marketing professionals can use the consumer decision journey PowerPoint template to display customer maps. Utilize our customer journey PowerPoint slide to effectively highlight the importance of gauging customer perceptions. Showcase the various stages of the consumer experience, encompassing touchpoints, motivations, behaviors, questions, and pain points through this circular template.

What is McKinsey’s consumer decision journey model?

McKinsey's Consumer Decision Journey model proposes a circular approach to consumer engagement, challenging traditional linear sales funnels. It comprises four key stages: initial consideration, active evaluation, moment of purchase, and post-purchase experience. The model acknowledges that customers are influenced by various touchpoints, both online and offline, and emphasizes the significance of ongoing customer engagement. With a focus on loyalty and advocacy, McKinsey's model recognizes that customer relationships extend beyond the point of purchase, forming a continuous loop where satisfied customers become advocates, influencing others in the decision-making process. This holistic framework enables businesses to adapt strategies to the evolving landscape of consumer behavior.

This consumer decision journey model diagram is a strategic asset for businesses aiming to understand, strategize, and optimize their consumer engagement. The audience can visualize and analyse each phase of the consumer decision journey, from awareness to post-purchase evaluation. Its stunning graphics and customizable elements present data, insights, and strategies that enhance your marketing and sales efforts.

The consumer decision journey template for PowerPoint presentation is a single chart in two background colors with distinct color features. The quadrant circle chart has a center for heading creation and four sections to define the overall process. The peripheral divisions enable you to add a sub-process of the four elements with three columns. Besides, the upper portion of the columns has infographic PowerPoint icons that may be compatible with your subject otherwise you can add different icons using the PowerPoint edit options. Download this business slide and create consumer decision journey for PowerPoint presentation. Also, check out our customer journey PowerPoint templates.