• 5A's Customer Path PowerPoint Template
  • 5A's Customer Path PowerPoint Templates

5A’s Customer Path PowerPoint Template presents a customer journey toward a product or service. The template features Kotter’s 5A marketing model with important components. This is the customer journey ppt that helps provide how customers are going to purchase a product through certain stages. Marketers can prepare better strategies if they understand these customer journey phases. Therefore, the template customer path PowerPoint points towards the 5As of the customer path with an easily understandable layout. The 5A’s framework uses five stages to map a customer’s journey through the sales process: Aware, Appel, Ask, Act, and Advocate. In addition, this four-section three-dimensional model design shows the emotional states or behavior of the customer during this period: Attraction, Curiosity, Commitment, and Affinity.

5A customer path template for PowerPoint presentation enables a quick view of the five stages. These are:

Aware: In this first phase, customers are exposed to the brand through Ad media and other propagation sources.

Appeal: At this stage, customers interested in the product begin to spend time looking at the company website or reading promotional content.

Ask: At this stage, they start exploring more about the company and product and try to contact directly through phone calls, emails, or representatives.

Act: At this stage, customers decide to buy and use, and they make a purchase decision. This is the stage a prospect becomes a customer.

Advocate: At this final stage, they might recommend a product and become loyal customers or advocates.

5A Customer Path PowerPoint is a concept diagram focusing on marketing and sales. The two slide ppt presentation comes in two background colors with the same design. The box designs make this diagram colorful through the big screen three-dimension model display. This is not a 3D PowerPoint, even though it looks like it. Users can make standard customizations without losing image quality. Download a variety of customer journey diagrams from our gallery. Check out more customer journey templates here.