• Moment of Truth PowerPoint Template
  • Moment of Truth PowerPoint Templates

Moment of Truth template presents a five-stage sales and marketing analysis presentation. The creative timeline template helps step-by-step display the concept of the Moment of Truth. It is based on the different stages of the customer journey. So, the business presenters can use this slide for the customer journey toward a brand. The steps included in the business PowerPoint are:

  • Stimulus.
  • Zero moments of truth.
  • The first moment of truth.
  • The second moment of truth.
  • The ultimate moment of truth.

This PowerPoint makes learning the concept easy with the short point that shows what will happen when a customer passes through each moment. The template presents this with examples. This timeline displays hexagon ppt shapes. So, each hexagon shape carries the experience confronting a customer through the stages.

PowerPoint for Moment of Truth Presentation display the customer journey and their actions on the bottom area of the template. The stimulus stage is related to awareness; the zero moments connect social discovery; the first moment of truth links with consideration to purchase, the second moment of truth is associated with product experience and finally, the ultimate moment of truth is related to a shared experience. Each hexagonal timeline PowerPoint has a multicolor theme and infographic clipart representing concepts of Moment of Truth.

The moment of Truth PowerPoint Template is a tutorial slide teaching sales and marketing concepts. The horizontal process diagram for PowerPoint is fit, showing an evolutionary marketing strategy. It contains two predesign slides in the black and white ppt background. The presenters can change the infographics if they want a presentation of different concepts. Each infographic is in line with the stages of Moment of Truth—for example, the stage consideration to purchase shows the PowerPoint cart design as a metaphor. Users can make modifications to the design format of the PowerPoint. For example, alter the colors and shape or move and replace various objects in the template. Download simple graphical illustrations and create a high-impact PowerPoint to explain business concepts.