• 5 Step pyramid diagram PowerPoint template and keynote

5 Step Pyramid Diagram PowerPoint Template

This pyramid diagram template comes with five editable layers of a pyramid that are easy to customize. The 5 step pyramid diagram for PowerPoint presentation is in rounded pyramid shape with callout effect. Usually, pyramid diagrams are used to present step by step progression of a phenomenon or breakdown structure of an event. The segmented divisions are useful to create divisional distributions by difference in percentage. So the pyramid template represents statistical distribution of data as well. Pyramid graphs are put to the best use when matters need to be arranged in a way that shows hierarchical structure, as well as amount or size. This can include business development phases, management positions, sale of a product etc. in any case; the topics must have a developmental order. The hierarchical distribution of class, caste, religion, status and economic positions also be displayed for academic purposes. Hence, the use of pyramid shape doesn’t have a limit. It can be used for multiple purposes.

Five stage pyramid diagram PowerPoint template looks attractive because of the excellent color combination and cake-like layers. Each layer in the diagram has callout text placeholders with infographic icons in the end. Users can add their topic in the layer segments and can give its details in the callout effects. It is useful sales and marketing presentations and business presentations. Revenue growth and market distribution of a product can be illustrated by this 5 step pyramid diagram PowerPoint template. Apart from business presentations, the template is useful to show Maslow’s need hierarchy theory and other theories that have five concepts.

The vertical layer diagram for PowerPoint presentation has multiple uses. The diagram is useful to show the goal setting steps for career growth. The editable pyramid PowerPoint template and the entire features are amenable to change. Users can make changes or modifications without affecting the image resolutions. Similarly, presenters can alter color combinations as well. We have enough pyramid diagram templates that can be used to meet your presentation objectives.

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