• 5 Stage Pyramid Diagrams PowerPoint Template and Keynote Slide

5 Stage Pyramid Diagrams Powerpoint Template and Keynote Presentation

5 Stage Pyramid Diagrams Powerpoint template and Keynote slide have 3 varvariation pyramid designs with drill downs. The template is designed in both powerpoint and keynote version in 16:9(widescreen) and 4:3(Normal) Version.

The five 5 stage pyramid diagrams PowerPoint and keynote template is an incredible pyramid design with six outstanding pyramid shapes. Users from business and academic sectors can use this pyramid PowerPoint diagrams to show their concepts without any distraction. The color combinations and shapes ensure the concentration of the viewers into the presentation topic. The pyramid diagram is a visual presentation using graphical techniques that shows the hierarchical and proportional process and steps with a larger foundation. Usually, pyramids are used to show the step by step process of an event or the arranged order of a phenomenon.

The 5-stage pyramid diagrams PowerPoint and keynote template helps to demonstrate organizational relationship, interdependent units of a model, growth stages of a business and phases of project management. The famous need hierarchy theory of Abraham Maslow with five steps can be illustrated for psychology students and management students. The three types of the pyramid in six backgrounds allow the user to present multiples elements of the same concept. The first slide designed as the triangular or typical pyramid design with red, yellow, black, blue and green color. The color combination is an eye-catching one. This first triangle pyramid has text zones in both right and left side; on the right side users can display three concepts and in left side two concepts. The infographic icons include; leaf, cloud, book, key and briefcase can be used as supporting metaphors which symbolize the presentation topic. The second pyramid PowerPoint template is rounded cone that can be used to show four elements of a concept. This pyramid diagram has four callouts; user can display the topics on these callouts and the right surface of the slide. The third pyramid design is like a zigzag layout, this peculiar design ensures the retention of the concepts much more easily. Presenters can write the main topic in the zigzag design and provides detailed descriptions on the left side of the template.

The 5-stage pyramid PowerPoint diagram and keynote template is an editable diagram. User can customize the features including all the three variations. The color, size, shapes, effects and background themes can be modified with the help of PowerPoint options. Users can instantly download different type of pyramid diagrams from our gallery.