• Curry's Client Pyramid PowerPoint Template
  • Curry's Client Pyramid PowerPoint Templates

Curry’s Client Pyramid PowerPoint Template is a tool designed to learn customer relationship management. This 7-layer ppt pyramid shows how your client has been classified. Curry’s principle is based on Pareto’s 80/20 rule, which proposes that 80% of a company’s revenue is generated by 20% of its client. The important point is that not all customers produce the same revenue and profit. So, it is crucial to identify the company’s most valuable customers to give the maximum support to them.

Jay and Adam Curry first developed the client pyramid concept. Curry’s pyramid PowerPoint Slide helps present assessment results on the current client base in terms of value to the business. It also helps present efficiency gains in marketing. Further, the users can show, on the basis of client research, how much relationship management efforts should be spent with the different customer bases.

The client pyramid template for customer assessment is a holistic model created by Adam Curry. It includes seven levels of customers. These levels are Top, Big, Medium, Small, Inactive customers, Prospects, and Suspects. On the top four layers of the pyramid PowerPoint the real “cash cows” are placed. The top four levels – top, big, medium, and small are the top 20% of the customers generating 80% of the revenue. The remaining levels are inactive customers who were the purchase of the company past but are now inactive. Potential customers might be participating in buying decisions, but not sure. Finally, suspects are potential customers who are interested but have not taken any action.

Curry’s Client Pyramid Template for PowerPoint presentation is a simple design created as a pyramid diagram in PowerPoint. It is viewers easily understand the customer management topic with minimal illustration. Each division of the pyramid color looks neat in its text. This pyramid template has two background colors that are adjustable in PowerPoint. Use Curry’s client pyramid for marketing presentations. Check out more pyramid powerpoint templates here.