• 3d pyramid shape

3D Cube Pyramid PowerPoint Template

3d pyramid PowerPoint template with cubes is a pompous PowerPoint diagram designed with an excellent color combination. The cubes in colors give a protruding effect while other cubes are discolored. So, the attractive pyramid diagram ensures audience attention and will boost the presenter’s confidence at any platform. The stacked cubes will help to prioritize concepts from higher to bottom. This four-step PowerPoint template is useful for passing any messages in an easy-to-understand fashion. Each cube is paved in uneven numbers and the color cubes are lying in the middle of the cubes. The bottom line is designed with 11 cubes, the next step is designed with 7 cubes, the very next layer is designed with 3 cubes and the top of the pyramid ppt template is created with a single cube.

3d cube pyramid PowerPoint template with stacked cubes is often used to visualize a progression in a task, step by step hierarchical process, workflow, and particular or multilinear movement towards a direction. This style created a larger bottom and a pointed top. The style of visualization depicts items stacked one. Each colored cubes contains infographic icons and numbers on the face of the cubes. The users can use it as a simple org chart presentation in pyramid shapes. Organizational structure is usually forming a pyramid shape i.e. from higher to the bottom. However, it couldn’t match with a complex work breakdown structure, while it is useful for showing four top layers of the organizational structure.

The different color combinations help to transfer the 4 steps of business and organization growth. The color codes and positions of text placeholders give a direct look to the information of the four stages of a process model. The 3d pyramid PowerPoint template is a 100% editable diagram. If the presenters want to create a 5 or 6 step PowerPoint presentation, just color the discolored elements and make the diagram suit for presenting added steps accordingly.

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