• 5 level blank pyramid

Level 5 leadership pyramid focuses on people rather than strategy. It is a personality package to motivate the organization with inspiring personalities. Organizations need extraordinary people to lead the way. For example, a pure manager might not be a good leader. But, of course, he may be a good manager. The 5 level leadership pyramid displays a unique combination of leadership capabilities to execute decisions from the front end. You can move from good to great if you have extraordinary people to lead the way. Jim Collings, the propounded of 5 level leadership, says that the world’s great companies become great because of exceptional leadership qualities covered in the 5 level leadership PowerPoint pyramid.

Level 5 leadership pyramid PowerPoint template shows classification of leaders in the following criteria.

  • Level 1 -The Highly capable individual: they are regular workers with good talent and knowledge.
  • Level 2 – The Contributing team member: these peoples have friendly nature at working with others and are dedicated to help members to reach objectives.
  • Level 3 – The Competent Manager: these People are capable to manager people and resources and help them to achieve predetermined goals.
  • Level 4 – The Effective leader: these people will give high levels of performance by motivate their companies with well defined goals.
  • Level 5 – The Executive: these people have unique capabilities with personal humbleness and professional approach.

The leadership pyramid PowerPoint template contains three variant designs in black and white ppt background. Normally, a pyramid template is best for showing hierarchy. So, it is worth prioritizing the sequential order of the development process. In this level 5 leadership pyramid template, you can single color and multicolor pyramid layers to expose your topic with highly influential stage designs. The blue color pyramid ppt template combines dark, modest, and medium color combinations. Besides, the adjacent pyramid templates have dark-colored pyramid steps from the bottom to the top. Each design is fit for showing level 5 leadership concepts.