• pyramid of csr

Pyramid of CSR is a triangle shape PowerPoint with four stacked pillars in different tinted layouts. You can show the Corporate Social Responsibility guidelines using the pyramid template. Corporate companies’ commitment and ethical views about society were a discussion topic among governments across the globe. Finally, legal institutions have insisted corporates spend a portion of their profit on social responsibility funds. The guidelines followed by corporates are to be a good corporate citizen, obey the law, be profitable and be ethical. So, they include many sectors to mitigate the evils and erase the ill effects of factory effluents. We can divide corporate responsibility into four: economic responsibility, legal responsibility, ethical responsibility, and philanthropic responsibility. Social responsibility and environmental responsibility will come under these topics.

Pyramid of CSR is a staged pyramid PowerPoint template that is fit to display four elements of any subject matter. The clean and neat pyramid diagram has five slides, including the master pyramid ppt design. Each stage or section has been colored with different color combinations, such as yellow in the bottom, red in the middle, green just below the top, and the top of the pyramid tinted in black color. The color and shape look very attractive in the pyramid structure. You can show the summary of your presentation using the master PowerPoint design. At the same time, the rest of the templates are created to give a detailed presentation. So, the template has been discolored, and the prescribed section only projects your topic with the color. This will help the audience to get detailed knowledge of the issue. And the presenter can use the same diagram with a separate zone for explaining each topic.

A pyramid diagram for corporate social responsibility presentation is a professional chart design. The color codes and the text areas are well structured and defined. As a result, the audience can easily distinguish the topic and can opine their agreements and disagreements. The editable pyramid ppt design lets alterations and adjustments. Create a memorable and interesting PowerPoint presentation using the latest ppt, design charts, graphs, and step diagrams. Also, try out our corporate powerpoint template.