Funnel Diagram PowerPoint Template and Keynote Slide

You can illustrate sales and marketing analyses with our funnel diagram PowerPoint template and keynote slide. The excellent funnel design is given in three shapes and sizes. Each shape carries a different business concept and presentation idea. The first funnel has six segments that can be used to show stages of business or different steps involved in a business process. The topic may vary from business plan and strategy. Users can prioritize the subject matters according to the larger top and narrow bottom. The most relevant concepts can be illustrated in the bottom segment because the extraction of the concept has occurred in decreasing patterns; this is the important filtering unit of a process.

Funnel diagram template for PowerPoint contains a four-section funnel in the second slide. This template can be used to display any four concepts of business and management. The PowerPoint is perfect for the presentation related to the steps of product development and marketing. Users can use the infographic icons associated with lead generation and management. The third slide and its fabulous design is perfect for the presentation of marketing and customer acquisition programs. Users can show how larger inputs become the key customers. All three slides in the funnel diagram PowerPoint template are fully customizable and editable. Users can add or delete any section according to the topic of the discussion.

The Funnel Diagram PowerPoint template is in the shape of a funnel divided into six segments of various colors and sizes. You can attach your keywords to each segment and then give the particular descriptions alongside the segment which is connected by dotted lines to a mini circular icon. In a similar fashion, you can fill in all the segments with your keywords and content according to the related topic. The Funnel Diagram Template can be used for any sales analysis presentation, where you need to show the audience the most important factors that need focus as well as the least factor. Also, the areas of marketing and sales which need to be given prior attention can be shown easily through this funnel diagram. The slide will be an inspiration and will stay as a reminder in the minds of the audience. We have a large collection of funnel diagrams and free PowerPoint templates that may generate a new style and tone for your presentation.