• Flower Petal Diagram PowerPoint Template and Keynote Slide

Flower Petal Diagram PowerPoint Template

Flower petal diagram PowerPoint template and keynote slide is a six step diagram of circular process. This 6 step template illustrates the cycle process flow in the shape of flower petals. Users can use the center areas to depict the key element while the other six elements revolve around it. Here, the key element can represent fundamental values of business or main functions or features of a product. The six stage circular diagram is perfect to explain complex business plans or strategies with a charming and attractive layout. The flower petals symbolize continuous process or repetitive loop. The template is useful to display qualities of a product or the concept of change management in business and organizational development. Especially the improvement of product, or process through progressive increment.

Flower petal diagram template for circular business PowerPoint presentation is a creative diagram for six concept presentation. The editable place holders and colorful segments make it easier to enter keynotes while making an attractive presentation. These segments of flower diagram are the flat vector elements; therefore, it is easier to customize them. The users can change the color combination or resizing the petal style segments easily and quickly. The cycle process diagram for PowerPoint shows numerical representation of each petal segment as logical relationship.

Flower Petal Diagram is a PowerPoint and Keynote Template that features on Product or process description in an effective way. This can be used for showing the different features or stages in each petal accordingly.

Flower petal diagrams are also used to represent workflow in certain cases.

The template has a flower diagram towards the center with six petals to represent six different products, process, stages, etc. Each petal has its own text area which can be used to write the detail description about the process or stage

The template is designed for both PowerPoint and keynote in both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio. You can access more Flower Templates here Grab the free ppt now!