Flower petal stages diagram PowerPoint and keynote template is a professionally created design that you can download to make engaging presentations. Attractive mix of colors, together with fascinating flower petal clipart is featured to help the presenter in discussing the complicated business subject matter. This PowerPoint can use the context of business management and marketing, refers to the tactics which an organization will define and use to involve customers and business and the methods developed to guide customers through the marketing funnel until satisfaction. This generic diagram meets almost all objectives with four concepts; strategies of customer relationship management, SWOT analysis can display here. Each petal contains infographic icons; books, pencil with document pad, graph, the hand with the book may support the user to create something innovative and novel. In the center circle, the user can add the main theme of the discussion or brand name and logo of the company. The user can change the color shape and size of the PowerPoint template without making changes in the background color. The user can download eight section flower chart PowerPoint template for more complex business presentation.