• 5 stages ribbon pyramid diagram template for PowerPoint and keynote

5 Stages Ribbon Pyramid Diagram Template

5 stages ribbon pyramid diagram template for PowerPoint presentation is a modern design to show the ten concepts in row. Pyramid diagrams are common in PowerPoint presentation and it’s a general technique to show the step by step process in a vertical illustration. The users can use this diagram to show the process of business development, business strategies, individual development, career growth, demographic features, and sales improvement strategies and so on. The cylindrical nature diagram is also suitable to show fund management concepts in a vertical growth process.

The five stages ribbon pyramid diagram template for PowerPoint is a unique and captivating PowerPoint diagram of regular circular shape. The stacked circle shows the five steps of business improvement or individual development. Usually, pyramids are a symbolic representation of step by step process. The rounded pyramid template depicts the interdependent growth process on each stage. The stacked circles can be used to display the chronological development of an organization. The phases of past development and future predictions of a business or sales can be highlighted with this style. Normally pyramid slides and shapes used to show one distinct element in each step but pyramid with ribbon diagram templates for PowerPoint is an exception, the presenter can illustrate two concepts in both sides, that means one stacked layer circle enable to display two concepts or elements and use the icons with reflective meaning. This is the limelight of pyramid with ribbon diagram templates for PowerPoint. Apart from the business presentation, the diagram is useful for academic fields, career and personality drives, financial and equity growth etc. also the elaborative text places is ideal to present the “need hierarchy” theory of Abraham Maslow. The high definition graphics helps to modify the size of figures without affecting the image quality. The user can add or remove icons, levels of pyramid or text placeholders.

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