• 6 staged gear diagram PowerPoint template

Gear Diagram PowerPoint Template

To ensure more audience engagement traditional circle processes design can be replaced with our new Six staged gear diagram PowerPoint template. Gear PowerPoint template is ideal for showing organisations teamwork, interdependent business process, business strategies and other operations. Gear or Gear Wheel PPT Design metaphors motions, connectivity, interactions. The presentation needs to be creative, in order to gain maximum audience interest. Gear slides are evitable part of most business management PPT presentations. Nothing works better than a gear in a machine, that’s why gear templates are perfect for defining synergy, elaborating ideas, production process and other interlocking ideas.

Our six staged gear diagram PowerPoint template is crafted in a catchy design that assists the presenter to define process or workflow of an organisation in presentations. Our gear powerpoint template comes in a gradient design with Twelve cogs. The template gets divided into Six segments, each highlighted using the bright colour palette. Each section contains two cogs which represent each step using an infographic icon and number. The centre of the gear has a text area to highlight the presentation title or theme. Our Creative PowerPoint Design is versatile and can be used for any business presentations. The presenter can conveniently demonstrate the complex ideas using our gear powerpoint template. Four gear section provides an overview of the whole topic. Our Modern six stage gear diagram PowerPoint template is designed in two background colour version. The presenter can select the version which matches the theme of the presentation. The template is entirely customisable; customisation option includes multiple features like presenter can modify icons, shapes and backgrounds. The user can add clipart’s, texture and effects to the slide. Each step or section is accompanied by convenient text areas where the user can make the illustration of each stage. With our six staged gear diagram PowerPoint template and keynote slide, you are ready to create a visually appealing presentation.

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