• gear pie chart PowerPoint template and keynote
  • Gear Pie Diagram Powerpoint and Keynote Slide
  • gear pie chart PowerPoint template and keynote

Gear Pie chart PowerPoint Template

The gear pie chart PowerPoint template and keynote slide is a five step circular diagram created with gear and pie diagram mix. It is useful to present five topic of any subject with an easy to learn format. The PowerPoint of five circular segments is a process flow diagram for monitoring and optimization of project. Thus PowerPoint diagram display how interconnecting different variables can create an entire system. Further, it is an infographic template of flat vector icons and shapes. It shows the generic characters in a circular nature. Normally, pie diagram is a circular diagram divided into sectors, illustrating proportion. In a pie diagram, the arc length of each section is proportional to the quantity it represent, so pie diagram PowerPoint template is ideal to show the segmental distribution of sales and revenue with proportions.

The gear pie diagram for PowerPoint presentation is an attractive colorful diagram that can be used to present multiple subjects. The text placeholders are arranged in straight forward layout enables the audience to view the topic easily. Each text areas are decorated with PowerPoint clipart may support the presenter to develop innovative topics and ideas. The presenters can use this diagram to display five business strategies or startup plans. Besides, the flow of business activities and project management concepts can be displayed using the gear diagram ppt template.

Gear pie diagram is an attractive design of circular pie diagram, though the template is useful to present the circular type of business movements. The gear shape of power point is an editable business diagram with 5 steps as well as user to show the market distribution of product, sales, projected income and profit, demand of the product or service, competitor’s market possession etc. The customization feature enable the user to make multiple changes in icons, shapes, background etc. user can add their desired concepts in place holders available in every side.

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