• radial bar chart template for PowerPoint and Keynote

Radial Bar Chart Template for PowerPoint

The radial bar chart template for PowerPoint and Keynote is a modern version of a circular bar chart. You want to graphically represent your market share, acquisition amount, segment size in the market. Instead of showing each category in numbers and categories use our Radial bar chart template and show your analytics data at a glance. Radial bar charts are mostly used in business presentations, educational institutions, etc. Using powerpoint chart templates, the presenter can conveniently show the relationship between the data points, and it can be displayed easily form of angles and radius.

Several industries widely use our radial bar chart template as a data analysis slide. Every data analysis requires detailed information on its contributory factors. Each factor plays a significant role in influencing the whole. So it’s important to study each factor equivalently and study its degree of impact on the overall outcome. The radial bar chart is proven extremely handy in such a type of analysis. These chart templates are often used for analyzing performance figures, metrics and sales. The user can display multi-level data. Each factor is represented in a different segment of variable sizes and colours highlights the graphical representation.

The radial bar chart template is created using PowerPoint which comes with multiple edition properties. The user has to add its data to the data table. The presenter can customize the colour, fonts, resize the chart accordingly that fits the presentation. The template features ten sections, each can be represented using bright colors and unique infographic icons. The chart is also accompanied with adequate space, where the presenter can add explanatory notes to showcase the contribution of each segment. Stacked with a bright color palette, attractive fonts, data-driven layouts, these templates are perfect for surveys, analysis. After editing, you don’t have to worry about image quality. These Radial chart templates are crafted and evaluated by our professional designers who ensure the quality of the template. Try out the alternative design for circular bar chart powerpoint template and also bar chart analysis powerpoint template.