• 3d Bar Graph PowerPoint Template and Keynote

3d Bar Graph PowerPoint Template

Our 3D Bar graph PowerPoint template is an ideal tool for designing attractive data visualizations for demonstrating the essential data. Whether you need to compare data or to do a survey of the population changes over a specific time, show relation between groups of data, charts can be the ideal way to visualize the data. Download our high-quality 3D bar graph PowerPoint template and give a professional look and feel to your presentation. Our 3D Graph PowerPoint Template is an elegant and data-driven bar chart template. Seeing the creativity, our designers have crafted a unique bar chart design. Instead of using the traditional bars, the designers have added cylindrical shapes to enhance the look of the template. The template design is versatile and can accommodate any form of data from corporate or business to household data. The presenter can add our 3D Bar Chart for data-driven presentation such as marketing, sales, market growth, revenue forecasts, etc.

The 3D bar graph template has Five cylinders leveled by spherical shapes at the top. The design comes in two different layouts, in the first slide the cylinder is arranged in the same line, and in other slides, the cylinders are positioned in a slanting direction. The PowerPoint shapes allow the presenter to add titles or captions; the design is accompanied by convenient text areas which assist in adding presentation information. The bright color palette and solid texts of the second slide make the content stand out in the presentation. The 3d bar graph template is designed using PowerPoint objects, which assists the presenter to customise the look and feel of the template fully. The user has various options to customize the template. Like modifying themes and layout, recoloring and resizing the shapes, altering the texts. Create a visually appealing project just by embedding our 3d shape PowerPoint template in your presentation. Enhance every stage of presentation with our multi-block 3D Bar Graph PowerPoint and Keynote Template.

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