• report bar chart PowerPoint template and keynote

Report Bar Chart PowerPoint Template

For a précised and summarized presentation of your annual business report, you can download our report bar chart PowerPoint template and keynote. The template is ideal to monitor annual sales report and overall performance of a company based on their balance sheet. An annual report is a comprehensive analysis on a company’s activities throughout the year. Annual reports are intended to give shareholders and other interested people information about the company’s activities and financial performance. Shareholders and other beneficiaries of the company can easily understand the annual performance by using the report bar chart ppt template. The template is available in two backgrounds; the users can alter the color combination of the diagram and make changes in the font sizes and the arrangements.

The report bar chart PowerPoint template and keynote slide can be used during presentations where you need to summarize the year’s reports or project findings and research conclusions on a particular sector audience. The Report Bar Chart consists of horizontal bar graph on the right hand side of the slide with the twelve months on the Y axis from January to December. Each bar related to the month will vary depending on their figures and data. You can also analyze the financial returns, employee admissions, product sale, profit on a monthly basis, other expenses, buying sales pattern and the like. The template also has a text box on the left side of the chart, a larger text box at the top which defines the whole idea portrayed in the template and smaller text boxes of six numbers containing one sentence or two each used to define various findings and factors used in the graph. The template is available in a black and white background and the Report Bar Chart PowerPoint and Keynote template can be used when you need to show the importance of facts, figures and statistical numbers related to the company.

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