• E-commerce purchase funnel report for PowerPoint presentation

E-commerce purchase funnel report for PowerPoint Keynote Presentation

E-commerce purchase funnel report for PowerPoint presentation is a professional design to show the purchase report analysis. The purchase funnel is a model which describes the theoretical customer journey from the moment of the first contact with your brand to the ultimate goal of a purchase. Here the PowerPoint template is suitable to show the procedures of online marketing.

E-Commerce Purchase Funnel Report is a PowerPoint and Keynote Template that features on visual representation of conversion of data between each step of process while a client attempts to purchase a product from a website. Whenever a client signup and try to purchase a product from a website they will follow certain steps to complete the payment.

Such a funnel report will be very helpful in analyzing this process very easily. The template drives through steps like adding a product to the cart, visiting the payment page, order confirmation, and finally order completion. The template gives a perfect graphical view using a bar chart to represent these steps with different colored strips of rectangles. The graph showcases the count of the customers who added the product to the cart, reached the payment page, made order confirmation and completed purchase.

The funnel PowerPoint template also includes a tabular representation of the funnel report. It shows category wise funnel report in tabular format with the steps mentioned against each category. Each cell under the steps involved features the customer count as well as the percentage rating in parenthesis.

A funnel report analyses the emotional behavior of a customer, it will also help to determine at which process node a customer faces any trouble, and also this will help us check for any kind of bugs, browser issues or any other technical issues which may occur in any of these process node.

The template is designed for both PowerPoint and keynote in both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio