• AARRR Metrics Funnel Diagram PowerPoint Template and Keynote

AARRR Metrics Funnel Diagram PowerPoint Template and Keynote Slide

AARRR metrics funnel diagram PowerPoint template and keynote slide is a professional diagram created to present business process with the life cycle of a business. This metrics model is propounded by Dave McClure. It may use to help startups to systematize their business process. The AARRR framework popularity lies in its simplicity and applicability. It is a part of customer acquisition programs and customer relations. The colorful funnel diagram designed by our expert designers, so each concept can separately frame out from the master diagram.

AARRR Metrics Funnel Diagram follows the AARRR framework used mainly to understand and know your customers or consumers. This framework is really simple and all the metrics can be performed practically without any difficulty which makes it a powerful tool. Upon expanding the AARRR Metrics Funnel Diagram, we get to follow 5 different steps; Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue and Referral. Through these steps AARRR ensures maximum visibility for your product or service, even if the leads are less you just need to see that the targeted audience will benefit from your product or service.

This AARRR funnel diagram can be used in presentations where you need to show the startup of a product and how revenue or profit can be earned through these steps. This slide is best used to show a product life cycle, growth of a new company, new idea etc. where consumers are the target audience and the action involves them buying your product or idea; it can be easily edited by adding the relevant title and details. We have designed the slides in 3 variations of Aarrr Metrics funnel which you can use in your next presentation we have also included the drilldowns of the funnel which will make your work much more easier, the template is designed in both PowerPoint for windows/ mac and also in apple keynote which is for mac's