• 5 section block PowerPoint template and keynote diagram

5 Section Block PowerPoint Template

5 section block PowerPoint template and keynote slide is a generic PowerPoint design for common presentations. The PowerPoint looks like a unique waterfall model, designed with block illustration. So the template is used for step by step development of an organization or a business. The step illustration is also amenable for various interpretations. For instance, the inverse pyramid model can be used as funnel diagram. Hence, the multi-functional diagram consumes any subject without make confusions to the audiences. The diagram of five stages is a step by step process diagram for multi-purpose professional presentations. Such as the guideline, steps for marketing, learning, research and organizational procedures. The colorful segments are perfect to display business strategies and plans. For instance, the steps required to perform business success through strategic market interventions.

The five section block PowerPoint template ensures the easy- transmission of information. The presenters in any field of knowledge can download this simple diagram for PowerPoint presentation to disseminate their messages. For instance, if the presentation is related to stock market analysis, the technical analysts can use this diagram to display variation or a stock movement in V shape direction. The V shape diagram is perfect for display sudden falls and the V shape recovery of market. Similarly, market trends of a consumer product can be illustrated using the section PowerPoint diagram. Besides, the shape of the diagram allows the user to prioritize the concepts.

The waterfall model PowerPoint is a sequential design process in which progress is seen as flowing steadily downwards through the different phases. It is a sequential life cycle model. The 5 block PowerPoint diagram is a professional design that will meet your presentation goals precisely. The colorful templates and the infographic icons create an elegant look. The users can alter or modify the shapes and themes according to their convenience and requirements.

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