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  • Section Element with Icons

Section Element with Icons

Section element with icons for PowerPoint presentation is crafted for six section presentation. The iconic sections are suitable for the display of business process with stages. Each business stage can transfer with the symbolic use of the icons. The business life cycle is the upward movement of progression and its phases can be divided into identification, takeoff, growth, shake-out, maturity and decline. The business life cycle is much like to the life cycle of human beings. Although business experts disagree on the number of different stages in a business life cycle. Each critical stage is developing through the strategic way of dealing with internal and external constraints.

Section element with icons template contains six modern infographic icons. The icons are; book, house, plane, camera, music symbol and globe. Presenters can use these representations for their conceptual presentation. For example, the book icon symbolizes knowledge; every business is started with a prior knowledge of that particular business, or business development needs excellent knowledge of the market and the particular product or service. Similarly, the presenters can attribute novel meanings to the icons. Unless the icons are able to convey presentation message, the users can change the icons. The customizable diagram can be edited with PowerPoint options.

Section Element with Icons is a 6 sectioned neat and simple layout that has 6 section elements which is a clipart icon that is editable in PowerPoint or Keynote for size and colors. This is also accompanied by a number/percentage and a title for the section. Apart from that for your convenience, there is a general descriptive section also below all these 6 sections separated so that we can have an exclusive space for any kind of extra points that will be supporting the data represented. This is a black and white option but as all the elements are 100% editable we can very well edit them according to the color scheme we require. Section Element with Icons is completely editable and is available as keynote and PowerPoint templates.