Linear Puzzle Diagram Template

Linear process diagrams are common in PowerPoint presentation. Every design should look as a modern design, it should be richen with new properties and objects. Our 7 section linear puzzle diagram template for PowerPoint and keynote is an innovative timeline diagram to show the linear development of a phenomenon with high-quality visual effects. The PowerPoint template is created with jigsaw puzzle shapes that show the mutual connection between the elements. Therefore, the template is perfect to show the logical relationship between the elements. The history of human society and the linear process development can be conceptualized by this seven section liner diagram PowerPoint template.

The seven section linear puzzle diagram PowerPoint template can be used as timeline roadmap presentation, project development and management as well as sequential and steady growth. Puzzle diagram is usable for any heading related to IT, marketing, organizational growth and much more. The seven puzzle pieces chart can display the relationship of the facts and events; which appropriately used for the business development, with specific attention to monitor events in an effective linear process design. Jigsaw puzzle connected by the shadow of each pieces, metaphorically indicates, every section is connected with preceding stages, however every step has its own individuality too; user can choose both iterative and non-iterative mode of approach. Each segment is numbered with light shadow appearance; text zone contains icon along with connecting thin line. These dot lines show the concepts of the topic; add necessary contents in upper and lower part of the diagram. The

Linear puzzle diagram template PowerPoint is structured in such a way that all the elements are easily viewable and nothing overlaps. PowerPoint is fully customizable, change the color of puzzle pieces to variation of the shades; display annual targets, growth plans and revenue, this linear puzzle diagram can widely use by business professionals and administrators.