• 5 Stage Linear Process Flow Diagram Template for PowerPoint and Keynote
  • 5 Stage Linear Process Flow Diagram PowerPoint Template

5 Stage Linear Process Flow Diagram PowerPoint Template

5 stage linear process flow diagram PowerPoint is a horizontal diagram that can be used to show the five stages of any development. A process diagram shows the sequence of activities with the interconnection of the elements. The diagram is suitable to display project management concepts or business development concepts and strategies in a linear follow-through. Linear development is the straight and narrow development through a particular pattern. Each stage in the development process will be better than its preceding stages. The circles in the diagram are the segments of the linear process that show the topics in the adjacent text areas. Each circle contains infographic icons, which may be linked with the presentation topic. The business timeline template is ideal to show the vision and mission statements of the company or company objectives with company profiles. Alternatively, the presenters can display five business plans or five agendas of a business meeting.

Five-stage linear process diagrams for PowerPoint presentation is a visual representation of the steps that occurred from its first point to the second point. It is perfect to show the buyer's journey from an initial phase to the final phase. Hence, the multiple uses of the diagram allow the presenters to incorporate any subject matter irrespective of the content. The phases of product development or the digital marketing strategies are also suitable for this five-step diagram. The staged process diagram is an infographic template, providing a clear view of text placeholders to the audience. Therefore, the users can add major steps of milestones as headings in the linear process flow diagram.

The PowerPoint diagram of five-stage linear process template has a distinct color for each phase of development. In this way, the presenter can draw the audience’s attention to certain processes in the diagram. The zigzag pattern of the inner curved line creates a water-like flow in the diagram. The wave effect appeals to the running feel enables the discussions of interrelated tasks in project management. Further, users can add meaningful icons instead of the default ones. They can also change the color combination if required.

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