4 & 5 Stage Funnel Diagram PowerPoint Template

Sales and marketing presentations often emphasize how to convert a stranger into a customer. Funnel diagrams are a common symbol to illustrate the marketing process and lead generation. 4 and 5 funnel diagram PowerPoint template and keynote is a perfect diagram to show the conversion process and also be used to present the stages of product development. The template is available in two different formats with four slides. The vertical funnel diagram displays the wide segment on top, narrowing down to the bottom. It is suitable to present the filtering process regardless of a specific subject. Teachers and academic professionals can use the PowerPoint slide to illustrate the rate of student pass out and how the filtering of students occurred in each year.

Four and five-stage funnel diagram PowerPoint template and keynote is an excellent tool to show your product developments in various stages, or you can also show various details related to a product. Depending on the number of steps needed you can choose between four or five stages, which are the industry standard. Product development may have more than 100 steps, but it can be divided into a few major stages to give an overall view of the audience. The base of the first stage can be started from the bottom and gradually going up to subsequent stages. It is best suitable to explain such developments where the workflow is from simple to critical stage. Even your product description could be like simple features to unique features in the industry. It is available in both white and black backgrounds. You can also change the color of the background or any of the items in the slide using simple features available in your PowerPoint software. Overall it helps to save lots of time on editing. Four and Five Stage Funnel Diagram PowerPoint template and Keynote are available both as PowerPoint templates and Keynote template

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