Hourglass funnel diagram PowerPoint and keynote template is a professional design that can be used to show multi-topic presentations. Normally hourglass and funnel represent the different spheres of organized knowledge. Hourglass indicating time management and the funnel symbolizes the filtering process; both have certain values in management and marketing areas. Historically hourglasses have been used to measure time years back. One can calculate the time by the amount of sand that has been distributed from the top part of the hourglass to the bottom. When all the sand is found at the bottom, it means that time has run out. Users can apply the hourglass theory to project reports and studies. This template can use to display the importance of time scheduling in project management and personal development.

Funnel diagram PowerPoint is used to show the conversion rate of a specific product. It is for sales presentations. To achieve preferred goals and milestones this diagram process flow chart surely helps you. The process behind marketing and sales and the strategies and plans and project and business development can be illustrated with this simple hourglass funnel diagram PowerPoint. The layout has seven segments including the heading section. Users can depict six-element or concepts related to the theme. Each segment is colored differently and having individual text areas. Any topic like; time cost, quality, HR management, risk evaluation, procurement can display on this structure. It is for the presentation of organized knowledge than random perception. The presenter should try to filter out the concepts through using the method of science and make an exact presentation before the executive audience. The presenter can resize the design and its objects, also customize the color including background. Users can search funnel templates to showcase business and marketing plans.