• Fishbone PowerPoint Template and Keynote Diagram

Fishbone PowerPoint Template

Give an X-factor to your presentation with our fishbone diagram template. Are you looking for some premier and attractive templates to enhance the look and feel of the presentation? Then it may be ending for your search, utilize our Ishikawa diagram and make an astonishing presentation. These slides will undoubtedly lay a remarkable impression on your audience as it creates an error-free presentation with high-quality templates. The pattern of fishbone template makes it easy to elaborate complex process which is onerous to present to the audience. Generally, Fishbone is considered a sign of luck and fortune. Our PPT slide will definitely bring a good fortune for your enterprise.

Fishbone PowerPoint template and Keynote Diagram take the form of a fishbone, the skeletal figure of a fish indicated with a horizontal arrow and three other slanting lines on either side of the arrow to indicate a proper bone. There are two circular points on each of the slanting lines where you can edit in your text hence twelve points. The Fishbone PowerPoint template and Keynote Diagram is entirely an illustration template, and there are no text boxes to write detailed descriptions. The fishbone template for PowerPoint and keynote is available in black and white backgrounds, and all the circular points are in varied colors. The Fishbone Diagram can be used to show a process or method, the branches of a company or business, the various stages involved in a concept and the like. The template will be a novel idea to use in a presentation or meeting. Our expert designers have made the layout of the PowerPoint template more systematic and well planned which makes the template more versatile. Downloading our blank fishbone diagram template can save you lots of time and effort. The Fishbone template design is also available in both PowerPoint and Keynote version.

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