• Cluster Diagram Template for PowerPoint and Keynote

Cluster Diagram Template for PowerPoint and Keynote

Cluster diagram template is used to track patterns. This is performed by grouping sources that contain similar terms of values. This cluster diagram template for PowerPoint and Keynote slides is useful to focus on the similarities and differences of certain sections. A similar subdivision of data can be grouped and present concise conclusions using each of the clusters. The key benefit of cluster analysis is that it enables a group of similar data together. This helps the researcher to identify patterns between data elements. Cluster diagram template slide is very useful in the field of marketing; it can be used for market segmentation and positioning and also trial markets for new product development.

Cluster diagrams are also called cloud diagrams and are a type of nonlinear graphic organizer. Hub and spoke help you to systemize the generation of ideas based upon a central topic. These diagrams contribute to brainstorming a theme; exploring a new subject or idea. To make a cluster first, you have to think about many ideas related to a particular topic or idea. There are levels in the cluster, so first you have to think about the first level idea and then the second level idea and so on. Colour coding is also essential to make the diagram easy to understand.

Cluster Diagram template for PowerPoint and Keynote is fully editable and available in two backgrounds black and white. You can select any of the backgrounds for your presentation by default there are two layers in the template. At the centre, you have to keep your main idea, and then you can write ideas of the first layer and after that idea of the second layer. As the template is editable so you can increase the layers in the template. You can even add or remove the branches of the diagram and can customize the cluster diagram according to your requirements.

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