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RASCI Matrix PowerPoint Template

The amazing RASCI matrix PowerPoint template introducing one of the essential project management strategies. RASCI model also known as responsibility matrix. It is a tool for assigning responsibilities to resources in project or process. It helps clarify the roles and responsibilities of different organizations and people in complex structures. RASCI is short form derived from the five key criteria most typically used: Responsible, Accountable, Supporting, Consulted and Informed. The management professionals can use the RASCI matrix ppt template to delineate their complex management process focusing the team responsibilities and assigned tasks. Typically, RACI and RASCI matrix are used as a roles and responsibilities matrix. They explain the relationships between tasks and people on projects. The managers roles and responsibilities has been included in the RASCI matrix model.

This RASCI matrix template for PowerPoint presentation is design for learning purpose to train company staff or educate business management students. Alternatively, the layout of RASCI model help the project team to map the duties and responsibilities. The purpose of every concept model is as follows:

Responsible: those who assigned for the work to complete the task.

Accountable: those who charge to finish the task, ultimately answerable for the correct and thorough completion of the task.

Support: A person or a system which assist the responsible person during the implementation of project process.

Consulted: person needs to be asked for feedback, and the feedback needs to be taken in to account.

Informed: this person needs to be maintained up to date record with the progress of the plan development.

This four slide PowerPoint presentation is a beautiful technical chart usable for some other purposes. For example, the project management ppt model created as a price table template. So, the users can use this template to show their product prices also. The attractive colour combination and the background ensure the engagement of the audiences. Further, the RASCI matrix PowerPoint template is editable and enable various design customizations.

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