• employee skill matrix chart

The skill matrix template is an HR PowerPoint slide that gives micro scaling to understand employee skill levels. A training matrix or competitive matrix is a tabulated representation of the team’s proficiency and skills. The matrix template is a table PowerPoint created as a spreadsheet layout. Skill matrix will help employers to find talents and skill gaps of employees. So, they can easily assign tasks to the proper person and train those who show skill gaps. In addition, an expert evaluation data chart gives deep knowledge into the company’s human resources to deploy employees based on their skills. Besides, the skills matrix is an essential tool to provide suitable training after evaluation. For example, when going through assessment methodologies, you might understand an employee is fit for some other purposes beyond their actual positions. In those cases, you can give specific training to the talented areas to make a better employees other than their actual designation.

The training matrix template is a detailed chart PowerPoint with ten columns in table ppt format. After the personal description, there are seven columns to evaluate skills and an extreme column wherein you can add remarks. The skills columns are tinted with dark and light green color markers. A few columns are left untinted or with a golden color other than green. This type of marking is allowed in your PowerPoint customization chart so you can create edited content on the skill matrix PowerPoint template.

A training matrix template would be the best choice to expose employees’ skill levels. The users can edit the name and attributes on the first two columns and imprint the level of proficiency on the skill matrix cells. When a company has done its skill evaluations, the project managers can choose their team members based on the HR training matrix. The skill matrix ppt template comes with two background colors that are also editable using PowerPoint color fill options. We have a huge collection of presentation templates that are useful for human resource management.