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Communication matrix is a popular assessment tool designed commonly used to share communication between teams, stakeholders,projects, and customers. This communication matrix helps to visualize the different communication channels used during a project, allowing all team members to stay on top of their responsibilities easily. In addition, GCMs are typically presented as PowerPoint slides to be easily shared and updated as needed during meetings and other communication events. Overall, the project communication matrix is an effective tool that enables effective communication between project stakeholders, which ultimately helps to ensure the success of any given project.

In the project communication matrix, the internal communication needs are organized into separate columns to indicate their urgencies, such as information, recipient, communication timing, method of communication, and sender. This allows project managers to identify gaps or delays in their project communication and make adjustments to meet the needs of all stakeholders. For example, suppose a project team needs urgent information from an external vendor but has not received it in time for a critical project milestone. The project manager can identify this gap and work with the vendor to communicate more effectively. Similarly, if a key stakeholder is not receiving necessary project updates regularly, this can also be identified and addressed using the project communication matrix. Overall, by tracking all internal communications, project managers can help ensure that all stakeholder needs are met in a timely and efficient manner.

This template comes in four slides differentiated by two different design options, allowing you to make customization additions as needed. Whether you need to share information about specific tasks or responsibilities within the project team, this communication matrix template provides an easy way to present that information clearly and intuitively. So, if you're looking for an effective way to improve communication within your project team, consider using this communication matrix template for a PowerPoint presentation.