• Boston Consulting Group Matrix

Boston Consulting Group BCG Matrix PowerPoint template is a business analysis tool to understand the market position of an industry or a business. This is a 10 slide ppt presentation of BCG matrix analysis. It is one of the widespread corporate portfolios analyze tools. Here the designers appealingly highlighting the visual graphics representation for an organization to analyze different businesses in its portfolio on the basis of their related market share and industry growth rates. Boston Consulting Group matrix PowerPoint is a comparative analysis of business potential and the evaluation of the business environment. The business strength concept is illustrated in the four-quadrant shapes. It includes a star, question mark, cash cow, and a poor dog. Each symbol has a different meaning that conveys the current environment of a business in its growth perspective. This will enable the viewer to easily comprehend the business standing of a company and its capabilities.

BCG matrix PowerPoint template comprises four chambers, with the horizontal axis indicating relative market shape and the vertical axing representing market growth rate. Each of the quadrant chambers represents a particular type of business.

  1. Stars- Stars represent business units having a large market share in a fast-growing industry. They may produce cash but because of the fast-developing market, stars need huge investments to sustain their lead. Net cash flow is usually modest.
  2. Cash Cows- Cash Cows represents commercial units having a great market share in a developed, slow-growing industry. Poor cow need a little allocation of funds and generate cash that can be utilized for investment in other business units.
  3. Question Marks- Question marks symbolize business units having a low relative market share and situated in a high growth industry. They need a massive amount of money to preserve or gain market share. They need responsiveness to govern if the venture can be workable. Question marks are usually new goods and services which have good commercial potential.
  4. Dogs- Dogs means businesses having weak market shares in low-growth markets. They neither make cash nor necessitate a huge amount of money. Due to low market share, these business entities face cost difficulties. Usually, cost-cutting strategies are adopted because these firms can gain market share only at the expense of competitor’s/rival firms.

Asset managers and portfolio managers can download Boston Consulting Group matrix PowerPoint diagram to display the market share and growth rate of different companies and whether the company belongs to dog cell, question mark cell, star cell, or cash cow cell. This may allow both presenter and the viewer to understand each section in an easy to understand fashion.