Mckinsey's 7 Degrees of Freedom for Growth PowerPoint Template

Infographic for Mckinsey’s seven degrees of freedom for growth is a valuable presentation tool for illustrating business growth and its strategies. Mckinsey’s 7 degree of freedom for growth is a staircase f0r business growth. An organization has multiple ways to choose to grow. Rather than staying on the same old-fashioned strategies, it is beneficial to think creatively about the several ways in which it might be possible to expand. To help in the mission of thinking innovatively about growth, one can turn to the Seven Degrees of Freedom for Growth tool from McKinsey. This instrument shapes seven unique ways in which growth can be achieved.The Mckinsey’s 7 degrees of freedom for growth templates is crafted in 4 variations. However, each variation has created in two backgrounds so it will come to you with 8 different background themes. The business ppt slide includes the shapes of connected timeline infographics, parallelogram ppt shapes, seven growing bar shape ppt, and flag ppt shape banner graphics.

Mckinsey’s 7 degrees of freedom for growth are:

  1. Maximizing existing customers: you can maximize existing customers by selling offerings to existing customers. This is perhaps the most obvious, but also the most limited, of the selections on the list.
  2. Attracting new customers:enticing new customers in existing markets. Tactics involve looking a way to get new markets to buy existing offerings.
  3. Innovation of product & services: this is the most common strategy nowadays businesses took. Creating new products and services for existing or new customers.
  4. Innovation of the value delivery system: Every business wants to deliver value to their customer that’s the point of being in business in the first place, and it is how you succeed in business.
  5. Improving industry structure: growing in business means associating yourself with other successful, recognized organizations.This is surely a possible area for growth, but it is one that should be approached sensibly.
  6. Geographical expansion: This would often be referred to purely as diversification. By moving your company into new arenas where you can contest for new customers is one way to open yourself up to the potential for fast development.
  7. Stepping out into new business areas: Enter in new business arena around vertical integration.

Mckinsey’s 7 degrees of growth model PowerPoint template is a strategy diagram PowerPoint for business presentations enables the audience to get the concept easily. All the features are editable as color, effects, shapes and size. Impress your viewers with systematically designed business slides created to appeal global audiences.