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  • RACI Matrix PowerPoint Template

RACI Matrix PowerPoint Template

RACI matrix PowerPoint template is a management slide that you can use to make clear in a team who is responsible for what. The responsibility matrix model is well known corporate management sector, so the usability of the concept has been already ensured its relevance. RACI matrix is the minimal, most active means for defining and documenting project roles and responsibilities. Knowing exactly who is responsible, who is accountable, who needs to be consulted, and who must be kept informed at every stage will be important to improve your chances of project success. The RACI template brings structure and clarity to explain the roles that stakeholders play within a project. The RACI model clarifies responsibilities and ensures that everything the project needs to be done is assigned someone to do it. This classification is the highlight of the RACI model matrix.

RACI model is effective for both small and large teams. Hence, the management professional can download the RACI matrix PowerPoint template to show the concepts in an interactive style. The roles and responsibilities of an individual can be depicted through this PowerPoint diagram. There is a distinction between a role and individually identified people, it may perform by many people. A person who may be able to perform the role of project manager may also be able to perform the role of market analyst and examiner. The project management ppt diagram of RACI matrix is a valuable management tool. RACI and RASCI matrix are almost the same. But in RASCI matrix “S” is the added concept, which delineates the supporter concept of the management model. RASCI matrix stands for; Responsible, Accountable, Supported, Consulted and Informed. By using the RACI model as a formal process to track responsibilities it helps to minimize clutters and leads projects to faster completion.

The RACI ppt diagram has been created by editable PowerPoint objects and shapes. Hence, the presenters can customize the entire features of the diagram according to their aesthetic sense and preferences.