3D Spheres Section Diagram PowerPoint Template and Keynote

  • 3d Spheres Section Diagram
  • 3d Spheres Section Diagram

3D Spheres Diagram Design for PowerPoint and Keynote

The generic design of 3d spheres diagram design for PowerPoint presentation may consume any topic under the sun. The diagram template is created as a general-purpose PowerPoint. The simple and elegant slide contains four circles and each circle has a descriptive text zone for more explanatory notes and a topic placeholder in the middle of the circles. The circle also contains infogrpahic icons which will make extra decorations for your presentation. The infographic icons include; steps, hand with documents, tag and statistical graph. Each icons represent different type of topics. For example, the steps icons look like a podium represents the goal-oriented mode of presentation, which indicates growth of professional and personal life. The second icons hand with documents symbolizes the importance of knowledge exploration. If you are ready to start a new venture, you must have better knowledge of that field. Similarly, users can utilize the meaning of the other two icons.

Section diagram PowerPoint template created with three-dimensional effects.  The customizable diagram allows complete makeover of the shapes and effects. The color combination and the text font sizes are also changeable. The presenter can use the generic design for variety of presentation and the simple effects and shapes ensure the attention of the audiences.

3d spheres diagram design for PowerPoint is very elementary and contains four 3D spheres ranged horizontally in blue, orange, black and green colours. Under each sphere there is a square text box wherein you can write the detailed description for each associated concepts. You also have an option to write content or title inside the sphere as well. The 3d Spheres Section Diagram Design is obtainable in white and black background and can be used to indicate the various elements in an organization, a process, market study, types of audience, financial sources etc. The slide is very self-explanatory and can be used in any fields from medicine, academic, human resources, management, business etc. The template is designed in both PowerPoint and keynote.