• four segmented hemisphere diagram for powerpoint and keynote
  • four segmented hemisphere diagram

4 Segmented Hemisphere Diagram

The template is designed with minimalist vector shapes. Our 4 segmented hemisphere diagram is a simple and flexible layout that can be used to show four concepts in an elegant manner. Each section in the diagram is created by using quadrilateral shapes and each shape is ornamented with meaningful infographic icons. The diagram is created in standard size and shape that allows the audience to learn the concepts easily and simply. The presenters can make business presentations along with academic interventions. The design is able to make the presentation related to any purpose. Business strategies, steps, stages and business ideas can be illustrated by using the four segmented hemisphere diagram.

The hemisphere diagram for PowerPoint presentation contains four infographic icons, these icons include; tools, book with hand, gears and cloud. Each icon has its own meaning and the user can add relevant meaning which is associated with the presentation concept. For example, if the presentation is related to courses and academic careers, the presenter can use the cloud icons to tell the importance and significance of cloud technology in the contemporary context. Similarly, the presenter can give meaning to each icon.

The Four Segmented Hemisphere Diagram template can be used for presentations that require showing a process or working flow. If the process has four segments or sections then this slide will be a perfect match. Shaped in the form of a hemisphere or half circle, it is made very colourful and divided into segments of green, blue, orange and red colour. The text of your related topic can be written inside each segment and also there is a provision to write a detailed description above the diagram as well. The Four Segmented Hemisphere Diagram can be used for presentations where you need to show your business concepts, ideas, management workflow etc. This slide will surely make an impression on the audience or viewers. The template is designed in both PowerPoint and keynote in both the aspect ratio 4:3(Normal) and 16:9 (widescreen).

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