• Audit Implementation PowerPoint Diagram

Audit Implementation PowerPoint Diagram

Use audit implementation diagram to show six steps for audit implementation. Audit implementation is a complex process that drives the organization or business on the right path. This financial template is a simple vector graphics created by using SmartArt icons and simple PowerPoint objects. The professional chartered accountants or financial analysts can use this PowerPoint diagram to display six steps to an effective continuous audit process. Creating priority areas and defining the process frequency are two of the six steps that internal auditors and senior managers need to take into concern before making the shift to continuous auditing. This is a vital monitoring diagram for the audit process that helps improve the organization through tackling financial maladjustments. The circle diagram split into two segments, each segment colored distinctively and having six topics for the PowerPoint presentation. At a glance, the template looks like a semi-circle diagram, but after few seconds you can feel it as a full circle diagram. The split nature enables the audience to get the content more easily with the support of infographic metaphors. You can access more PowerPoint Templates here Grab the free ppt now!

The circle ppt template contains six segments with bullet listings. Between each circular shape, there is an arrow focusing on the infographic icons and presentation topic. The template is ideal for presenting company policies, processes, and effectiveness of internal control, audit rules, process frequency, and establishing priority areas. Presenters can depict their key topic in the center circle and its sub-elements on the peripheral zone. Each topic is complemented by meaningful PowerPoint clipart’s that helps both host and the guest. You can summarize the six-step audit implementation as follows;

  1. Establishing priority areas
  2. Identifying monitoring and continuous audit rules
  3. Determining the process frequency
  4. Organizing continuous audit parameters
  5. Following up
  6. Communicating results

The audit implementation template for the six-step PowerPoint presentation is a customizable diagram. The users can alter or modify the content of the presentation or the PowerPoint features.