• 6 stage funnel diagram template for PowerPoint and keynote
  • 6 stage funnel diagram PowerPoint template and keynote

6 Stage Funnel Diagram PowerPoint Template

Create an effective marketing analysis presentation with 6 stage funnel diagram PowerPoint template. The rings are stacked and the size of the rings is decreasing when it comes to the bottom. The wide top and the narrow bottom represent the filtering process or marketing funnel. This colourful funnel diagram template can be used to present marketing concepts and the customer journey into a product or service. It indicates how larger numbers are narrowed down and become the business's core customers. PowerPoint presentation normally uses different types of funnels like purchase funnel, sales funnel and lead generation funnel for a variety of presentations. Here the images portray a funnel that can represent the sales analysis funnel model. The colour combination and the tidy layout create a focus for the audience, enabling them to remember each phase and retain the information.

A powerPoint presentation will be an attractive one when the presenters use simple and flexible illustrations or designs. Here the six-stage funnel diagram PowerPoint template is a minimal model layout with attractive colour combinations and straightforward text placeholders. A marketing funnel diagram can be used to show the new trends in the market and customer attitude. It is also used to illustrate business plans and development. A goal without planning is just a dream. So you require a start to finish plan in order to ensure effective use of resources and better results. For business professionals and marketers, imagining a buyer’s journey is an integral part of planning a competent strategy, this funnel diagram PowerPoint template is a perfect tool for the marketing presentation. The presenters can use the slide to show the way of actual purchase of the product or service.

The 6 stage funnel diagram PowerPoint slide is a model explaining the customer journey from awareness of the product to the actual conversion. Besides, the diagram is useful for a generic presentation that consumes any topic and subject. If the presenter wants to make a discussion of business strategy, they can go with this funnel diagram. Six business strategies can discuss using the funnel PowerPoint. Therefore, impress your audience with the editable funnel diagram, and make alterations, if required.

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