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A/B Testing PowerPoint Template

A/B testing funnel PowerPoint template is a modern sophisticated design to show the application of hypothesis testing with two variants. The template is ideal to show the different areas of content marketing and SEO techniques. Studies show that more than half of enterprise businesses have a challenge creating engaging content. Content is an important part of any online business, content that attracts traffic that engages and nurtures leads and covert a visitor into a customer. If the content is not intact, you are leaking sales. You need to have the right headlines, website copy, and blog content in the first place before you start testing. A/B testing is an integral way to test changes in your product features against the current design, and then you can determine which ones produce the best results. By using the purchase funnel diagram with the A/B testing formula you can validate that any new design or landing page is improving your conversion rates. AB testing is a way to compare two versions of a single variable, typically by testing a subject’s response to variant A against variant B, and determining which of the two variants is more effective.

A/B testing PowerPoint template is used to show better conversion rates. Slide bazaars designers make templates awesome and be on the theme. The purchase funnel shows the conversion rates in an easily understandable layout. The people standing on both sides of the diagram represent the inputs, they are A variant and B variant, they are going through the funnel and the result is shown under the funnel filter. People standing on the yellow pipeline show the 80% 0f the conversion result, while the other version only makes 60% conversion. The A/B testing funnel diagram PowerPoint itself is a self-explanatory template that shows your concept without any confusion.

The split testing ppt template is an editable diagram that allows 100% customization of PowerPoint design. The users can go through our gallery and find out more versatile funnel diagrams, including sales funnel, purchase funnel lead funnel, and more. You can access more Funnel PowerPoint Templates here.