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Marketing Funnel PowerPoint Template

The infographics marketing funnel template is a professional diagram crafted to show different steps involved in an effective marketing plan. It is a lead generation model that covers the whole process behind purchasing of a product. Or how stranger become the customer. The marketing process featured on the slide includes awareness, consideration, conversion loyalty and advocacy. These five steps which ensure effective marketing campaign for a new product. There is lot of exercise behind a sale. Every company has its own marketing techniques. However, the strategies may be the same. Sales and marketing need common strategies of process to develop your business or organization. The presenter can delineate this process through a marketing funnel PowerPoint template. Theoretically, the lead generation funnel is the steps describing the sales process from the beginning to the end. A funnel is used to represent the buying journey, because a potential customer either goes through into the next stage of the funnel when their interest increase or they exit when they lost interest.

Marketing funnel ppt template is a simple funnel diagram with larger top and narrowed bottom. This is a typical funnel template suitable for presenting sales stages or lead generation. The first stage awareness refers “knowing of the product”, so the sales executives or managers try to spread the specifications of a product using the various marketing techniques, without knowing about a product, a customer couldn’t reach your product. Customer have to consider your product into their buying list, this is the second stage. Then, in third stage, the conversion will occur. When your possible customer becomes an existing customer, you should have a plan for increasing customer loyalty. Advocacy is the final stage, where the customer become and fan of your company or product and he/she will promote your product.

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