• risk management in marketing PowerPoint template
  • risk management in marketing PowerPoint template
  • Risk Management in Marketing PowerPoint template

Risk Management in Marketing PowerPoint Template and Keynote Template

Risk Management in Marketing PowerPoint Template and Keynote Template is a professional and modern presentation with eight stages of risk management especially for the marketing management and control. The risk management consist of the identification, analyze, risk assess, plan action, risk management, control, measure and implementation of risk management parameters, followed with the application of means to minimize or mitigate the impact of threats and challenges and control the probability of unforeseen conditions. Risk management PowerPoint template is a standardized tool with systematic elements, which are capable to overcome the impact of adverse occurrence. The risk management in marketing diagram consists of the eight main stages:

  1. Identify risks: consists of the practice of retrospection, including reviewing and listing the identified risk.
  2. Analyze: study and make interpretations about the identified risk and listing the existing risks to project plan or endeavor under analysis.
  3. Risk assess: this consist on determining the occurrence probability of each identified risk, calculate the impact of its intensity, and determine a standardization to compare them to each other.
  4. Plan action: plan is created to ensure that the right actions are carried out in a time-bound manner.
  5. Risk management: overall processes of risk management actions.
  6. Control: after the risk scoring activity, the management team will be prioritizing the risks and take decisions over how to use resources against ill-consequences. Mitigation plans will be created, and resource will be allocated to execute them.
  7. Measure: identifying the amount of risk by standard deviation, beta, value at risk etc.
  8. Implementation: the planning components and the strategies have been thoroughly analyzed and implement.

The risk management in marketing PowerPoint template diagram is suited for use in conceptual presentations , designed as big gear wheel rotating by the smaller ones, each gears has infographic icons represent the theme of the presentations and its meaning, hence the design remains visually appealing. The usr can opt to download other PowerPoint templates include risk management PowerPoint template from the slidebazaar gallery.

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