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Value-Based Management Template for corporate presentation is an outstanding design featuring value creation by idea generation and innovation. Value-based management is an approach whereby managers focus on managing, creating, and evaluating corporate value. Normally, it means maximizing shareholder value. It is similar to the agency theory of corporate administration or governance. However, it also focuses on increasing the value of all stakeholders of the organization. The users can edit the value-based management template and complement any strategy presentation with the illustration. There are many elements that contribute to value generation based on Value Based Management. These include vision and mission, company level and competitive strategy, governance, organization and structure, culture, communication, performance management processes and systems, decision-making procedures and systems, and reward and incentive systems.

Value-Based Management Template for PowerPoint presentations helps corporate presenters showcase why a company should go with better decision-making at all organizational levels. So, the managers can use the template to show value-based performance metrics for making better decisions. When value-based management is implemented well, it brings incredible benefits. It is part of continuous improvement as well. This two-slide template for business presentations can be used for training sessions and professional consultations.

The Value-Based Management Template slide carries engaging visual illustrations representing value management and related ideas. The One Pager business template in copy duplication shows three characters to highlight value creation symbolically—the human illustration changes in appearance as a decision maker, idea generator, and innovator. In the center, the man with the bulb head is shown with a spotlight is resembles an idea generator. The character on the right side represents the decision maker, and the specky represents innovation. When these three combine, an organization can generate value. The yellow-tinted areas enable step-by-step details of the elements. And on the top, you can briefly describe Value Based Management. The font styles, color scheme, and placement of text boxes can be modified according to presentation requirements.