• value chain template

Value chain template describes the sequence of activities related to creating a product/service. A value chain can help a company determine areas of its business that are incompetent, then implement strategies that will improve its procedures for maximum competence and profitability. This infographic template for a business PowerPoint presentation with simple vector graphics. The presenters can use this template to display value chain analysis or concepts. A value chain is a business model that describes the full range of activities needed to create a product or service. For industries that produce goods, a value chain encompasses the steps that involve bringing a product from conception to distribution and everything in between- such as acquiring raw materials, manufacturing functions, and marketing activities.

Value chain PowerPoint template covers six concepts for your company's value creation. These elements are unified visibility, utilization, forecast, risk mitigation, compliance, and cost clarity. This is like porter's value chain template of competitive advantage. It's a matter of primary significance to companies because it addresses the economic logic of why the organization exists in the first place. Value chain analysis is aiming at value creation at the least possible cost. So, business presenters need such theory ppt templates to give an overall idea of business development.

Value chain ppt for business presentation is designed as a chain layout of a circular diagram. On the centre portion of the circle graphic, you can insert the major heading of your presentation. And, on the peripherals, edit whatever messages you want to pass. The editable PowerPoint value chain could display up to six elements. Further, you can choose different colour fills to give a different look. Meantime, you can reshape, trim, or add new features that apt your topic to engage viewers.