• value proposition canvas

Value proposition canvas is a business PowerPoint template considering how customers go with their buying strategies by analyzing its value. It’s a statement that lightens why someone is inclined to your business by purchasing your product/services. The value proposition will give an answer to why your potential customer should buy your product/services when a similar one would be available from a competitor. The value proposition model was developed by Alex Osterwalder in his book “Business model generation and value proposition design.” It is based on design thinking principles that are applicable in business development models. You can access more PowerPoint diagrams here.

The value proposition canvas PowerPoint template enables you to create all the benefits your product/services offer. To do that, your business has to identify all the parameters that bring customer attention to your products. Telling what makes these benefits valuable in a quickly digestible way for the reader will help your value proposition make a brand. It’s also critical to identify your customer’s main problem your value proposition helps crack. By linking this value to your customer’s challenges, your value proposition will become clearer. This is what aids distinguish your brand as the best provider of this product/service. This value proposition model canvas has two-part, on one part, you can imprint value proposition or value map, and on the other part, you can show customer profile.

Value proposition canvas of business model PowerPoint presentation has 14 slides focusing both customer profile presentation segment as we all as a value proposition map diagram to deliver the concept of value proposition model. The slide background themes come as black and white tints that are adjustable or even replaceable using Microsoft PowerPoint options. You can detail value proposition concepts using separate slides focusing on each topic with the business PowerPoint design. There is an extra text area on the right side that enables you to deliver short notes on business matters.