• value vs price

VALUE VS PRICE POWERPOINT TEMPLATE represents the cost and value concept by an animated ppt design. This is a comparison slide of 2 ideas, including customer choices by determining the price and value of a product. The cartoon design showing the value and price concept through images of a clock and stacked money coins is a perfect design for financial presentation and time management presentation. The relationship between time and money has been a major study area in investments, especially in futures and options trading. This ppt template shows a vintage balance scale to weigh the price and value model.
Value VS Price PowerPoint template is a conceptual framework that can select for presenting the concept of value and price. Price can be understood as the money or amount to be paid to get something. And value suggests the usefulness of worth of the commodity of service for an individual. For example, the value of a virus protection firewall may be 1000 times more than its price when counting its utility. If you buy a product for $100, then it is the price of that product. And value is the usefulness of any product to a customer.
The value vs. price template for PowerPoint presentations benefits businesses to produce value-based pricing strategies. This visual template of the financial presentation shows 3similar weight scales, including master cartoon designs with a slight change crosswise. And alter slide changeover supports creating an animation to show how value and price can out-weight each other. The editing features of PowerPoint helps in transforming these animations. Besides, users can replace or change the infographic clipart according to their theme and style. Moreover, the template's overall look highlights pink background as light and dark colors; these color schemes are also changeable using the PowerPoint color fill menu.